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FEPIC Investment Ideas is a financial newspaper that was born in August 2020. Our mission is simple: share our best ideas about the markets and about stock and ETF opportunities we see. Our coverage is global and each idea comes from a proprietary analysis algorithm. Opinions and ideas are the source of Mr. Sergio Andrews, founder of and an executive with more than 20 years of experience as CEO and CIO for Family Offices and Investment Funds. We hope that this space can enrich your vision of the market and thus, you can be better informed to make decisions.

What to expect from this space? Analysis and ideas that come from many hours of Research and many lessons learned in more than 2 decades analyzing financial instruments. The ideas will refer to trends in markets, countries, sectors, commodities, stocks or the economy in general. The periodicity of the posts is variable according to our analysis and what happens in the market.


Our ideas are not an investment recommendation but only that: ideas about the market and assets that we share with you. is a space in which you can have " inputs " of new investment ideas. It is your decision and risk if you choose to buy or sell some of the instruments mentioned in the articles and, consequently, the result of those decisions will be 100% yours.

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