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The Speculator´s Picks

For some weeks now, I have available a service in which I share my ideas about certain instruments that I think are interesting to consider so that you can analyze them with your Investment Advisor within the investment alternatives that you are looking at. The service is called "The Speculator's Picks" and there is a "free trial" of 30 days. You can access it in the link below:

As an investor, you can have different "inputs" or sources of information to have alternatives of stocks and other variable income instruments such as the recommendations of investment banks or stockbrokers or through the own analysis that one can carry out, either fundamental, technical or from other sources. Although this service does not provide investment recommendations (buy or sell), the advantage and spirit of this service is that here you can have at your disposal ideas that already have a "filter" from an algorithm that incorporates fundamental and technical analysis and other frameworks that I have developed in more than 20 years of experience trading or managing stocks and other financial instruments (for more information about me, please visit or in the "About" section of this website) . The spirit is that, after selectiong an idea that seems interesting to you, you can have a discussion with your Investment Advisor as "one more" of the alternatives you have in order that, following the recommendation of your Advisor, you can see whether or not fits in your risk profile and with the investment strategy you have, as well as determine the timing of entry and exit and the risk management of the position (such as evaluating the use of a "Stop loss").

All the ideas posted so far have been about longs in stocks or ETFs that seemed interesting to me as an investor to look at to evaluate.

Below is a table with the performance so far for informational purposes only (which is theoretical information assuming that someone bought at the closing price of the publication date and keeps the assets until now, assumptions that are not necessarily real since someone may have decided to enter later or "leave" the trade earlier).

If you decide to buy any of the assets mentioned in "The Speculator's Picks", the exit strategy (as well as the entry decision), is something that you should discuss with your Investment Advisor (either to set a stop loss or to determine when to exit after a specified profit amount or percentage), since, by definition, this service consists only in sharing my ideas and not in managing your capital neither in recommending investments.

I invite you to subscribe and try the service for 30 days. Any comment, you can write to me at

Note: This is not an investment recommendation or suggestion, we only share our ideas of assets that we find interesting to look at. You should consult with your Investment Advisor before making any decision to buy or sell any instrument mentioned in this article. The result of the purchase of any of the instruments mentioned in these articles is 100% your responsibility, whether profit or loss.


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